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Welcome to Kirkstall

Saving Lives through Better ScienceTM

Kirkstall are a biotechnology company specialising in products and services supporting in-vitro cell culture research and the development of routine in vitro testing.

Our products & services include:

Our Quasi Vivo® system consists of a series of interconnected cell culture chambers, each used to culture cells or tissues under dynamic nutrient flow, providing more physiologically accurate conditions for cell culture work. This technology provides a functional median between traditional whole-organism animal and human studies and the microfluidic “human on a chip” systems still under development. This positioning allows users of the system to generate human-relevant results whilst reducing the need for animal studies, all based around conventional in vitro techniques, as well as providing a practical research tool for the ongoing development of smaller-scale systems.

Our mission statement: “Saving lives through better science”TM reflects our commitment to building more accurate and reliable predictive models of human physiology without the use of animals.

To find out how Kirkstall could help with your research, please get in touch with our application specialists at or call us on 01709 361 241.

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(Quasi Vivo® is a registered Trade Mark of Kirkstall Ltd.)